1.Fire Fighting Equipment

Transporting has been increasing according to the development of international community, various kinds of ship, complete rationalization, technological development, and transporting on the sea is seemed to be neccesary to get more safety.
In the case a fire occures on these ships, the perfect fire fighting equipments are required to cut the fire, without other helps.
Everyone knows that our products, many kinds of fire fighting equipment, system for ships to keep safety of the crew, cargo, and ships are very precious, and which also have been started the development sence before.
We do our best for development of the fire fighting equipment and good maintenance, therefore, kindly ask you to order our procucts if you need - Fire Fighting Equipment -.


CO2 Fire Extinguishing System(Carbon Dioxide) High Pressure Type

This is settled in the steam engine room, boiler room, pump room, cargo machine room and area of cargo as for sealed areas.

Dry Chemical

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishing System

Recently, there are many verious of tanker for the ways of transporting liquefaction gas tanker, transport LPG and LNG, settled powdery fire fighting device is obligated. There is nothing more than powdery fire fighting medicine can exhibit ability of fire fighting marvelously.

Air Foam

Fire Fighting Foam Medicine For Ships(Air Foam 3%)

The air foam(main component:hydrolysis protein example for powder) which is annexed stabilizer(combined ferric salt)add to antiseptic and other is protain foam fire fightingmedicine.

Air foam produced with severe control of production which the stronger foam and is excellentn its fire resistance and fluidity,prevention of refire, therefore, its property of fire fighting activities of an oil fire occurred on the tanker is proved, both this air foam is inoffensive that's why the most people believe that this product is precious. ( Regulated by SOLAS, IBC Code and etc..)

Local Application

Water-Based Local Application Fire Extingushing System

Under IMO regulations, fixed water-based local application fire extinguishing systems must be installed in those areas where there is a high risk of fires, such as machinery spaces. Nippon Dry Chemical's `Vapor Mist Plus` water mist fire extinguishing systems, provide considerable cost saving to our clients through narrower required piping, and also through our efficient minimal water discharge.

IMO regulations state that passenger ships of 500 gross tones or greater and cargo ships of 2000 grosstones or greater which are to be completed on or after 1st July 2002, be fitted with local application fire extinguishing system in class A machinery areas over 500m3, in accordance with IMOMSC/circ. 913. In addition existing passenger ships of 2000 gross tones or greater need to install such a system by 1st October 2005.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm System

The engine room was automated as the automation of the ship advanced,therefore,the fire detection device is obligated to settle in the engine room for which the licence of MO(N.K.K) is required.
Also the fire detection device is obligated to settle in the automated engine room and in vehicle district of the first class or the second class ships,besides settle on the cargo hold of container ships,general cargo ships,and ship only for car,which is very useful for serching fire occurrence and shipwreck accident prevention.

Analog Addressable Marine Fire Detection & Alarm System

Optimal Sytem can be Configured for Ships of Any Use or Structure. The analog addressable marine fire detection & alarm system is of centralized monitoring type, which can be connected with up to 792 addresses spread over 8 loops(99 addresses per loop). The system is high flexible and is compatible with any size ship. A large variety of terminal equipment can be connected to the fire alarm panel.Therefore, by combining panels, it is possible to configure an optimal system for a ship of any use or structure.This system is highly reliable, complying with the requirements of SOLAS and other various maritime classification societies.


We are an agent of Nohmi Bosai Ltd. in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
Please specify to us inspection, maintenance, new installation of equipment and purchase of spare parts.

2.Environmental Control Equipment

N2 Generator <PSA>

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Nitrogen Generator System <PSA System>

The oxygen gas, carbon dioxide and moisture on an atmospheric inside are removed with the Nitrogen separation device of the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) method in a short time and then the Nitrogen of the purity 99.999% Nitrogen is supplied.

We, Z FIRE PROTECTION.choose and propose the best system from among a wide variation according to your demand.

3.Gas detector and others

Gas Alarm

Combustible Gas Alarm

Manufacture of gas of the filled up base, gas consumption device, inflammable gas, poison gas, asphyxiating gas of stored base and ships, which are required at the place where are in dangerous of leakage of these gas.
It is impossible to choose senser for its kinds and uses. In the case a leakage of gas occurs, the senser can sense its occurrence, send its signal to the instruction warning part and then let us know its dangerous with lighting of alarm lamp and warning sound.
We are keeping your safety to prevent serious disasters.

Pressure Monitor

Cargo Tank Pressure Monitor

This is the reliable cargo tank pressure moniter with efficient pressure tranmission machine.
TOKA PSMC(cargo tank pressure moniter) can keep watching from positive pressure through negative pressure continuously.
TOKA PSMC can sound warning sound on the positive pressure side and on the negative pressure side with independent and arbitraryset value.
Easy mentenance check
It's possible to use it to chemical tenker's vapor return line(uscg applied ship) as pressure moniter.
Pressure transmission machine consists of explosion-proof structure.
TOKA PSMC is the NK(NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI) recognized product.(Applying-March.1998)

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher For Ship

[1] The ABC powder fire extinguisher : The ABC powder fire extinguisher which shows ability for superior fire extinguishing in the case of fires of every cause such as a fire(A), an oil fire(B), an electric fire(C) or propane fire spread most now.
The ABC powder digestive of ultra-fine particles based on Dihydrogenphosphate ammonium extinguishes a fire by a chilling effect and a negative catalyst effect to intercept a chain reaction for an object to burn.

[2] The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher : Carbon dioxide gas gets into the complicated details and extinguishes a fire. It is adopted as the gas system fire extinguisher which is most suitable for an electric institution concerned or precision instrument widely.

[3] The chemical fire extinguisher : That extinguishes a fire by emitting a bubble fire extinguishing medicine which we reacted chemically. It is judged to be still high as the fire extinguisher which is adopted as marine application for a long time.


Life Boat

Whole Sealed Type Life Boat

Since ship life saving equipment regulations within IMO-international maritime organization-had been revised, SOLAS-safety of life at sea-1983 year's treaty would adjust to the new building ships since when were buit in 1st.July.1986.
According to this treaty, in spite of any varieties of ship, FRPwhole sealed type life boat or partial sealed type life boat are obligated to install on for new building ships(length of ship 85mover).